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Scott Goodson Tue, Sep 10, 10:45 AM (1 day ago)

My father, Theodore C. Goodson, was in Company G.  He passed away in 1997.  I have a large framed company photo (see attached) taken January 22, 1945 Company that I would love to provide to a surviving member of the company.  Is there any way you might be able to help me with this?  Thank you for your service as a member of "The Greatest Generation".

Very respectfully,
Scott Goodson
Commander, USN, Ret

"B" Battery, 922nd FA
Battery "B" 922nd FA
Company A, 52nd Training BN, Camp Robinson, AK

Contributed by Patrick Stucker
Company "A", 52nd Training BN,
Camp Robinson, AK

"A" Company 386th Trng Bn
From Mary Welch;
This is a photo of Company A, 52nd TR BN, taken in 1942 at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. My father, Joel H. Radcliffe, is the 12th soldier from the right in the first seated row. Later my father was in Company B and then became Captain of Company C, the position he retained until he was relieved of active duty in 1945. All these companies were part of the 387th Infantry.

"B" Battery 365th
"B" Battery 365th

Company "C" 386th
Company "C" 386th
Men of Comapny "G" 387th
"G" 387th
Company "H" 386th
Donated by George R. Zelanik
Company "K" 386th
Company "K" 386th
Company "M" 386th
Company "M" 386th
Company "M" 386th, 3rd Plt
Company "M" 386th, 3rd Platoon
97th Signal Bn
97th Signal Company
303rd FIeld Artillery Bn
303rd Field Artillery Bn

Division Artillery
Division Artillery
med1.jpg (112848 bytes)
386th Medical Detachment
RTC 85 C
RTC 85 C
HQ & HQ Company, 97th Division
Headquarters and Headquarters Company 97th Division
HQ, 386th

(FROM Jay Costa -"I believe this picture is of Headquarters Company, my father, John J. Costa, was with them from 1943-1946. Paul Allen was in the same Company as my father.") Photo contributed by Paul R. Allen.
Headquarters Company.  386th Inf. Reg., 97th Inf. Div.. Fort Leonard Wood, MO., 1944

1.  Lt Colonel Lillywhite, CO from June 22-July8, 1944 when Colonel Lansing arrived
2.  WOJG Clarence Parent, Portland, OR.
3. 1st Sgt Asay Jolly
4. Second row - reading right to left;
Sgt Roach
Sgt Fernand Bourque
Sgt Stanley Anderson - CHicago
Sgt SPencer - Florida
Sgt Gilbert Whitney
Sgt Paul Allen
Sgt Joe Noviaski

NOTE: These ID's are from memory and some records.
After my discharge I enrolled in Bowling Green State University abd the Senior ROTC program.  I received my commission as 2nd Lt. May 30, 1952.  Discharged from the Reserves on Mar 11, 1953These are the only pictures I can identify.  The enlisted group made up most of the personnel section.

After being discharged I've had no contact with any of the above.

Most of the following is from memory;
Joe Noviaski opted to stay in Japan after being discharged rather than return to the States in February 1946.  Sgt Jolly was 1st Sgt of the ROTC company at Bowling Green State University where I took the ROTC program. 

Company "I" 386th Infantry Regiment, 97th Infantry Division Company "I" 386th Infantry Regiment KIA Tribute

Pfc. Schwabik is in the 2nd standing row directly above the Captain